The Free Choice Project

This is a quick made up guide to design a special community project that gives you a free choice between choice A, manmade medicine and choice B, nature’s healing powers.

If a deadly contagious disease should ever occur, the word of one successful project would spread like seeds and grow like healing flowers amongst all people on planet Earth.


During four weeks you’ll be living in a community, that is 100% isolated from society. The excercise can have two scenarios.

Scenario A is to protect the community from a disease that has occured in society.

Scenario B is to protect society from a disease that has occurred in the community.

The first week involve education in strengthening immune system and in methods to reduce the risk of severe illness from catching the disease. The first week also involves structuring the community in “cells”, assigning community roles and training excercises in community isolation.

The practical excercise starts on the first day of the second week with either a Scenario A (Outside) or B (Inside) “disease alarm”.

A Scenario A (Outside) alarm means a disease has occurred outside, in the society, and the community immediately shuts down contact to society to protect the community. The disease must not enter the community. The end goal of Scenario A (Outside), is for the community to stay safe isolated inside, until a manmade medicine (Choice A) that protects people from getting ill from the disease, has been given to all in the community.

A Scenario B (Inside) alarm means a disease has occurred in the community, and the community immediately shuts down to protect the outside society. The disease must not exit the community.

In both scenarios, the excercise is to ensure the highest possible standard and level of life in the community. That include material bodily wealth (housing, food, transport, etc) as well as spiritual wealth (smiles, laughs, love, etc), which are all important factors in reducing the risk of anxiety induced behaviour, as such behavior causes weakening of the protecting and healing natural powers of the body’s natural immune system.

In scenario B, with the disease in the community, the excercise involve spreading the disease as fast as possible in little doses. The goal is to achieve community herd immunity and elimination of the disease within the shortest possible time frame. This involve consideration to minimum risk of serious illness and minimum risk of overloading the community’s health care resources.

In scenario A, with the disease on the outside, the excercise is focused on guarding the community from any risk of contamination with minimum impact on life in the community, until the manmade illness protecting medicine has been given to all.

Basic resource requirements are the same in both excercise scenarios. The community needs guardians to protect a “no man zone”, which forms a border between the community and society. It also involve “providers on the outside” to bring necessities from the outside to the community. People on the inside need places to sleep, energy and clothing to keep warm, food and water, they need health care, transport between connected communities, communication, music, plants and ingredients for natural medicine, etc.

Both excercises are played out as a medieval Robin Hood roleplay, with the community being witches and outlaws hiding for the outlaw and witchhunting men of the Church and of the King.

There should be three project initiators, carrying roleplay names such as Bee, Bear and Butterfly or similar. They form a triangle group, simple called “The Triangle”. Part of the roleplay is to avoid electronic communication to the largest extent possible.

1. Fixed Time period

The Triangle set a start date and time, for example Saturday 13.03 at 13.03, as well as an end date and time, for example Saturday 10.04 at 10.04

If locations and/or staff volunteers are unavailable at the first decided dates, go back and set new dates.

2. Find good locations(s)

The Triangle and their allies find locations, check for availability, get number of people that it can accomodate and get a price for a budget.

Note: In case of lack of financial funding, location owners can be attempted offered head, hand and time resources in full or part payment for the right to use the location. For example painting, building something, creating a webpage or similar. Talent Oases can assist explaining this, but it is quite obvious that a lot of talented people can do a lot that can be of value to the location owner.

An ideal location is an “in the middle of nothing” Nature Camp for Schools, but any accomodation place where you can be sure to not get within 10 meters distance of anyone can be linked into the “guarded safe transport connected community”. Farms, camp sites, normal houses can be used, given there’s no risk of community members getting within ten meters safety distance of non-community members.

Location examples (Not reality):

Location 1: Veteranhjem Aarhus, 12 people, Price: Donation

Location 2: KFUM Soldaterhjem Fredericia, 12 people, Price: Donation

Location 3: Juulsborg Spejderlejr Silkeborg, 55 people, Price: 40.000 DKK

3. Pick-up places, times, drivers and transport vehicle characteristics

As part of the roleplay, the locations are kept secret. Participants are picked-up by “outlaw- and witch chiefs and crew” at pre-defined times and places.

E.g. Aarhus at Institut for (X) Saturday 13.03 at 10.00 by a vehicle with a red scarf laying or hanging so it is visible through the front window.

Return to fill this out as you get volunteer sign ups

3. Volunteer attraction and role assignment

When you have dates and time, start getting volunteer staff to commit and sign up. They will have to commit to minimum three weeks in the community, which means in isolation. They may include their own homes in the “isolated community”, but any breach of the isolation is strictly prohibited. Volunteer staff members take responsibility and are also active in planning, execution and practical work in many roles. They don’t pay for neither accomodation nor for food. Participants are their crew, with obligation to take the roles and work they are assigned during the stay. One person can carry multiple hats if necessary. A volunteer staff of 10 and 30 paying participants (crews) is a reasonable project manning.

One male “Chief of the tribe” (Chieftain, undisputed head of the tribe except under the Chief Witch) and necessary management crew responsible for organization management, internal knowledge sharing, tribe court, Chief of “Tribe Resource Bank” (and real economy) and external fundraising (In the role play fundraising are “to take from the rich and give to the poor” activities). Crew can be external (Organizers of the projects who do not participate in the project)

One female “Chief Witch”. She is the most powerful person in the community, as she has veto on every decision of the Chieftain, although the Chieftain can deny any proposal from her to be voted on. She’s also in charge of all the witches (health staff) and everything with general health and concerning the disease excersise.

One Guard Captain and the necessary number of Guards (There should preferably be 24/7 surveillance of all entrances, alternatively other ways to ensure sounding of anybody crossing the “no mans borderland” alarms).

One “Build Chief” and necessary number of crew for accommodation, site constructions, site coziness and site and construction safety.

One “Home Chief” and necessary crew, responsible for food, sanitation, cleanliness and home safety.

One “Provider Chief” and external crew responsible for supplies, transport, logistics and external protective security. External means they are not in the community. In the role play, people from the villages bringing necessities to the withches and outlaws in the forests. The Provider Chief should be inside and always be carrying a phone or other mean of commmunication to reach his crew on the outside.

One Co-creator Chief and necessary crew with responsibility for community programs and activities.

One Communications Chief, responsible for all communications. This include community communication rules, before, during and after the project. The Chieftain, the Chief Witch and the Communications Chief may decide strict rules for health damaging radition, attention disturbance and other health concerns, which means that smartsphones etc. can be held and accessible to community members only at specific times and places. Considerations will be taken to remote work and studies, which has to be reported on sign up.

You can make a spreadsheet on a computer, but it could be a good practise to use pen and paper. People were actually pretty effective before every home got a computer.

4. Set budget for Food and other costs

Again, try to use pen and paper.

5. Set a participation price

Make sure your costs are covered. Don’t be shy to make a profit. You provide extremely high value. If a real dangerous disease should ever come, participants in this project may very well come to save not only the lives of themselves and those they hold dear. They could potentially save millions of lives, also save their nation’s economy and possibly even save the future of the human race.